Holy Day Calendar for 2004

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2004 Holy Day Calendar
Biblical Holy Day Calendar for 2004 (Bases on the Moon)  
New Moon 2004 (1st day of Year) Mar 20, 2004 
The invisible conjunction is at 3.42pm MST  (5:42 pm EST. )
Making most of the New Moon on Mar 21, 2004

April 3, 2004 Passover (Observed the Evening Before)    (Fri. Sunset 6:27p.m. MST)

          Passover Day the First of 7 Days of Unleavened Bread.

         April 3, 2004 Night to be Observed, at the end of Sat. (Exo. 12.42)

         April 3, 2004 First Day of UB.  Apr 3-9 Week. (Apr 5 11:05am Full M.)  

         April 4, 2004 Waive Sheaf Day (Sunday)    (Lev 23:9-14 
          Go to the weekly Sabbath during the week of UB.  
          Then morning after the Sabbath.  It is Waive Sheaf Sunday.

May 24, 2004  Feast of Weeks  (Monday)  (Pentecost)  Article 1Article 2,  

         Sept 14, 2004 Feast of Trumpets   (New moon 8:29am MDT)  (1st Day of 7th Month)

         Sept 23, 2004 Day of Atonement

         Sept 28-Oct 4 (7 day Feast of Tabernacles)  (The Full moon is on Sept 28th at 1:09p.m. MST)

         October 5 (Last Great Day)

What is a New Moon and What is a Full Moon, and Why?

More Information:

The Spring Equinox is Mar 20, 2004 at 6:48 a.m.

New & Full Moon Calendar

How the Biblical (Moon) Calendar differs from the Jewish Calendar for 2004

Roman Year First Day of Sacred Year *Passover Unleavened Bread Pentecost
2004  By the Bible (Moon) Mar 21 Apr 3 Apr 3-9 May 24
2004 (LCG) (UCG) & Others Mar 23 Apr 5 Apr 6-12 May 30

Roman Year Feast of Trumpets Day of Atonement **Feast of Tabernacles Last Great Day
2004 by the Bible (Moon) Sep 14 (New Moon) Sep 23 Sept 28-Oct 4 Oct 5
2004 (LCG) (UCG) & Others Sep 16 Sep 25 Sep 30-Oct 6 Oct 7
* Observed Previous Evening
**Sept 28 FOT starts in the evening before

The Jewish 8th year in the 19 year time cycle.  So they postpone UCG postpones 2 days.  Postponing Passover to Sunday night.

Forbidden Days - Postpone Godís Holy Days ??            Problems with the Hebrew Calendar
Jewish Reasoning or "Forbidden Days"      
The UCG does not understand the Jewish Calendar
Admissions on the Calculated Rabbinical Calendar               Inconveniences are not Postponements

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The Holy Day arrangement for the year is determined by rules (traditions of men) that aim to prevent Yom Kippur (Atonement) from occurring either before or after the Sabbath. Thus making the "Day of Preparation" (Fri.) or the Preparation for the weekly Sabbath, more important than the High Day.

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