A study by Glen Marshall

Some of the most horrible and trying times in a persons life happen when they attend the funeral of a friend or dear loved one. They feel the relationship has ended forever and people wonder what will happen to the person. Will they go to heaven, hell or purgatory based on their life, or be reborn as some lesser being based on their karma. The worlds religions expound, teach and bolster these concepts about an afterlife. I went to my friends uncles funeral in my youth, the officiating Catholic Priest told everyone that we should donate money to the church to buy his uncles  way out of purgatory, because he was not a totally good man in his life. I was also eating dinner one night a few years ago with a suppliers engineering manager next to the swimming pool at a hotel in Bombay, India. Cockroaches were running all over the table and I asked him why we did not swat them? He replied that his uncle had just died, and because of his life and karma he felt that he was probably running around the table with the group.

 When God created man He tried to develop a close and personal relationship (Gen3:8-11), and like a good parent He taught Adam and Eve how to live a good physical life (Gen2:15-25). God also imparted His family values to them and wanted them to decide if they wanted to embrace them (Gen2:9) or else they could decide on their own, to invoke their own moral decisions. If they did this, then God would change the timeframe for mankind to become His spiritual family one day. Satan in the form of a serpent told the first lie (Gen3:1-5) to Eve and inferred that God did something that He cannot do (Titus1:2). Based on Adam and Eveís decision death entered the world for mankind (Rom5:12-13). We are physical beings and when we die we get added back (Gen3:17-19) to the ground again. One day in the future people will come back to life when God performs a resurrection (I Cor15:12-58), until that happens everyone who dies is gone (Heb9:27, Matt22:32). There will be two resurrections in the future. The first will be for some people to a spiritual life to help Jesus rule the world and for some people back to a physical life to see if they want to embrace Godís ways or else they will die a second permanent death (Rev20:4-15).

 So all of us should understand want is going on now and what will happen in the future. When somebody you know dies, the relationship will be on hold for awhile until the resurrections happen. Then the relationship will continue and this continuation can go on and be forever (Rev21:1-7) together. Because of this process, things that are a mystery or a secret in this human life will one day be known when the participants are alive again (Luke8:17). So one day Uriah the Hittite will know how and why he died and will talk with David about it (II Sam11:1-17). Another mystery that will be solved is when the ladies of the night and Jack the Ripper meet together again, plus many others that happened all through the history of mankind. So donít let Satanís lie that is carried on by manís religions make you unhappy when somebody you know dies or keep you from developing relationships with other people that will be able to last indefinitely.